The Kingmakers of Oakland exist to improve culture, conditions, and competencies across their district in order to better serve children and families situated farthest from opportunity. Born out of Oakland Unified School District's Office of African American Male Achievement (AAMA), the Kingmakers have a ten-year history of implementing using Targeted Universalism to “heal the fish, while treating the toxic ecosystem.” Attached to AAMA is the Manhood Development Program (MDP), which is its primary classroom strategy. Kingmakers leads professional development for students and adults in schools and districts across the country. Visit to learn more.


  • Between the graduating classes of 2010 and 2018, the state-calculated high-school graduation rate for Black males in Oakland Unified School District increased from 46 to 69 percent
  • The average GPA for 2012 Manhood Development Program students was 2.12 compared to the overall Black males’ average GPA of 1.7

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