Building Equitable Learning Environments

In order to unlock the full potential of every student, we need to reimagine our inequitable school system that has failed too many for too long. The Building Equitable Learning Environments (BELE) Network is committed to transforming our classrooms into learning environments that nurture the intellectual, emotional and cultural growth of all students, especially students of color.

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What We Do

Our diverse collective of educators and researchers work alongside school district partners to show that deep structural change is possible across the country, and we’re driven to build the will for change among policymakers and funders by implementing and measuring innovative solutions.

How We Do It

Transforming the K-12 school system requires reimagining what’s possible. Through deep relationships with communities, schools and education leaders, rigorous experimentation, perseverance, and our dedication to improving student experiences, we are working towards a more equitable world.

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