Transcend works with school operators across the district, charter, and independent school sectors, developing and providing world-class R&D capacity that supports education leaders to build and replicate breakthrough equitable learning environments. Visit to learn more.

Transcend’s Impact:

  • Van Ness Elementary, a Transcend partner, has not only codified their well-being-centered school model, but they are currently leading a collaborative of 5 DC Public Schools to spread the model
  • Transcend’s Library of School Design Examples & Resources features 230 entries from over 30 partners on 3 continents

BELE Library Resources:

  • Critical Consciousness Graduate Aims & Database - a resource that lays out the definition of critical consciousness, provides tools for measurement, and offers ideas and a framework for implementation
  • Pop-Up Homeschool Schedule Generator - a tool for families currently engaged in homeschooling that includes links to dozens of online education resources and a scheduling assistant for any activities they choose