Our Approach

A school system is only equitable when it equips every students to pursue their dreams and empowers them to change the world. We are collectively focused on transforming our schools and classrooms by intentionally creating equitable environments for ALL students so they are not only prepared academically, but equipped for life beyond the classroom.

This work is complex, but we’re in this together. The BELE Network works with educators, school districts, non-profits, policymakers, and grantmakers to create equitable student experiences across the United States. Schools must meet the needs of every student and our cohort is committed to driving the structural change students deserve.

Our Priorities Are:

Student Experience & Outcomes

  • Redesigning every aspect of the classroom, from what students learn to how teachers give feedback to which disciplinary methods are used, in order to foster intellectual curiosity, self-acceptance, agency, and cultural awareness amongst students, especially students of color or those from low-income backgrounds.

Policy & Advocacy

  • Identifying and eliminating policies that cause harm or reproduce inequitable practices for students and staff across our schools and, in their place, designing evidence-based policies and practices that increase access to opportunities for all students.

Organizational Structures & Conditions

  • Creating structures, practices, and policies that advance equitable learning practices and leadership among educators, students, and families in support of student outcomes in schools across the United States.

Educators & Adults

  • Working closely with adults and educators to ensure they have the resources, tools, and beliefs that every student can thrive. With our collective power to transform our schools, helping students emerge empowered and with a strong academic foundation.

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